Natacha Astuto is a big fan of coffee, pink color, sky high stilettos, Krav Maga, unhappy ending TV series and big American cities, where every street is a slice of life. She is a mechanical engineer with an MBA who is passionate about theater. Natacha has appeared in about 15 plays with Swiss companies and was able to tour with some of the shows in France, Belgium, Italy, Morocco and Canada.

Natacha had long dreamed of writing her own plays. She wants to write, needs to write of life's troubles - without sparing her characters. She makes them love, laugh, cry. Her dream first came true when her play Un Hôpital pour six francs was staged in 2005. It was followed by Big Boss in 2006, L’Appartement in 2008, Dans une Autre vie in 2009 (Edition Les Mandarines 2017) and Le Dernier train in 2012 (Edition les Mandarines 2014). 

In 2013 Le Dernier train is a finalist of the WriteMovie Contest #31. Big Boss wins a playwriting contest organized by Tulalu!?.

2014 is the year when Natacha sees her play Le Dernier train awarding two prizes at Cahors Festival in France; the Compagnie TA58 wins both the Grand Prix and the Young Jury Prize. It is also the year when she sees her play The Last Train - Le Dernier train in its American version - performed in Los Angeles during the Hollywood Fringe Festival by the James Svatko company.

Astuto finishes the play One Night in 2015 - which is produced in 2019 in Luxembourg - while her screenplay of the feature film The Last train reaches the semi-finals of the Stage 32 The Happy Writers Contest and her play Dans une Autre vie ends up finalist of the Writemovies #38 Contest in Los Angeles.

In 2016 was born Issue de secours, which is produced in 2018 and wins the Audience Award at the Festival des Escholiers 2019, as well as Arizona (Lansman Editeur 2018) which is performed by the Compagnie TA58 in 2019.

Natacha delivers the play Angelina to the company Les Disparates in 2018 which will premiere in October 2019, and the play Cinquième Etage to the company La Troupalex in 2019.

Astuto is currently working on her new play Frères d'armes and on Arizona episode II.