Finalist stage play of the Writemovies Contest #38 Los Angeles
Official selection of the Marche-en-Famenne Festival in 2009

"In Another Life"

© 2009

An original play (French) by Natacha Astuto
French language version © 2009 Dans une Autre vie

2M/2W – 75 minutes

"Olivia's father just passed away. Tidying up the apartment of the man who brought her up alone, she finds a box where her mother had gathered letters, pictures, many of those little things summing up a  life. Dead when Olivia was three, Marie left small pieces of herself in the box. Opening it, Olivia will release the secrets of a never imagined life. She will however understand the message on her own. Supported by her best friend Florent, she will face the successive enlightening, sometimes doubting her own motivations."

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